LinkedIn info – draft

LinkedIn info – draft

Having more than 15 years experience in software development. As a technical manager for large, complex software product. Develop strategic and tactical implementation plans considering the business objectives and resource constraints. Participate in the planning meetings with PMs to clarify the requirements. Assist in documenting the requirements, resolving ambiguities and conflicts, and gather the consensus. Estimate the engineering effort, prioritize tasks, plan implementations, and supervise the design and implementation.

Moreover, as a scrum master, facilitate the meetings for the team including the preparation, moderation and post processing. Holding the retrospective meeting by sprints to keep the team improving persistently. Helping to further the Agile community within the organization. Giving learning opportunities to people in the organization (e.g. talks or workshops) and letting them learn important Agile concepts.

Specialties: Agile, Java, Requirement analysis, Project Management。


Lead a group of skilled engineers to build up a Labor management system helping coupang to increase the visibility of the productivity. It’s not only helping the logistics management team to reduce non-value-added human work, but also delivering more analytical data to the logistics management team in time to help them track the logistics productivity performance and make business decision accordingly easily.

– Drive architecture and system design, scalability, deployment, operations aspects
– Work with business and product on priorities and product requirements
– Takes complete accountability from inception till post-production support for the products owned
– Technology evangelist for the team and innovates new ways of making things better
– Hire and develop a high performing team

Currently, the system is more focusing on the reporting and the basic data collecting. As the preparation for next Gen. of the data analysis platform, going to make the dynamic workforce analytics and forecasting.

To increase the workforce data accuracy and transparent, design and create an App on android and iOS to make the worker easier to track the current work status, leave application, safety training and more add-ons related to Logistics, Fulfillment center and Customer Service.

HePai is a WeChat based Social App. It provides the service for people to share the private/public pictures on the site. You also can get connected with the people per this App.

Also having a backing-end engine to analyze the user uploaded images to draw the user pictures to push the directional advertisement.


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