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The 100 essential websites

The 100 essential websites

Here we go again … our latest list of the 100 best websites sees short attention spans, the rise of Twitter, more browser wars and celebrity gossip sites setting the news agenda

Andy Warhol talked of a time when everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. With hindsight, however, he might have wanted to revise that down to about five minutes. On today’s web, phrases such as “here today, gone tomorrow” seem to involve ridiculously long timescales.

People who moaned that blogging represented a move to shorter attention spans – 250-to-350-word posts rather than 1,000-word stories – have now seen blog posts start to look big and, frankly, old-fashioned. Today’s trendsetters are using “microblogging” sites such as TumblrPosterous and, which are taking the opportunity for creative “borrowing” to new heights.

But the smash hit of 2009 has been (apologies: I know this will cause pain) Twitter, where 1,000-word stories are reduced to 140-character tweets. Short attention spans R us.

Twitter’s rapid growth and open programming interface have given the site a wide impact. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of ancillary sites and services have been launched to help Twitter users post pictures, track followers, or – more usefully, from a commercial point of view – find out what the “hive mind” is thinking. Twitterfall is just one example. More recently, Listorious stepped in to make it easier to find and explore lists made using Twitter’s new list feature, while The Twitter cleverly turned selected tweets into a personalised newspaper. How many of these sites will survive is, of course, open to question. Some are less like standalone sites than parasites.

Major web players such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft also got involved. Both Google and Microsoft signed deals for Twitter searches, while Facebook paid it the ultimate compliment of more or less copying its service. Or, perhaps, copying FriendFeed, which many users link to both Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook, while far from new, was another big player in 2009, reaching more than 350 million users. And through Facebook Connect, it has extended its presence across the web. Once you have a Facebook identity – and you must have one, mustn’t you? – then you can use it to access a growing number of sites and services. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The web might be a kinder, more polite place if people said things under their real names, which is what Facebook’s about.

Those in search of their five minutes of fame or, more likely, five minutes of fun fun fun, headed for YouTube. Although it has been challenged by rivals such as Vimeo and Microsoft’s Soapbox (RIP), its dominance has not been seriously threatened. Only the pornographers have been able to build much of a following outside YouTube.

Which is not to say that YouTube owns the web video market. The BBC has made a huge impact with its iPlayer catchup service, and in the US, Hulu has enjoyed great success with TV series and movies. Of course, both sites are showing videos that YouTube would love to offer, at a profit, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Music has been a significant player in the growth of the web since Napster, and its influence continues to grow. Spotify has made the biggest impact this year, gaining mindshare lost by and Pandora. Meanwhile, Pitchfork has expanded its role as the web’s authoritative music magazine, and The Hype Machine came to prominence as a source of instant erudition by tracking the music blogs.

Almost finally, it may be that we are seeing the return not just of the browser wars but of the search engine wars as well. Google still rules the world, but in Bing, it now has a competitor that does some things better and has, in Microsoft, an owner with deep pockets. Alas, Bing also does many things a lot worse.

Possibly the most contentious part of this year’s list is celebrity gossip. The argument against would be summed up by a Wikipedian in two words: “not notable”. The argument for is that sites such as Perez Hilton and AOL’s TMZ are now helping to drive the news agenda. Even if you aren’t interested in Michael Jackson’s death, Tiger Woods’s affairs or whatever, this stuff has become impossible to avoid. This is one case where many people would prefer the web’s short attention span to be even shorter.


Now easier than falling off a log.

Tumblr Multimedia microblogging plus Twitter-style following.

Posterous Goes from instant microblogging into lifestreaming.

Soup A “super-easy” tumblelog for scrapbook keeping and lifestreaming.

Blogger Fast way to start blogging; training wheels for WordPress.

Bloglines For reading web feeds. Smart and clean.

WordPress Free, and most importantly spam-free, blogging.


Do we all need five browsers nowadays?

Chrome Now here for Mac, and anticipating future world domination via Chrome OS.

Firefox  Everyone’s favourite is under attack from all sides.

Maxthon Based on IE code. If it stays “hip in China” it could reach a large global audience.


Everyone needs some relaxation. This is a visual one.

Dilbert It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so true.

XKCD Stick-figure strip poking fun at geek topics and relationships.

Celebrity gossip

No one needs this stuff, but it’s starting to drive world news and web traffic.

TMZ Rose to fame when it broke news of Michael Jackson’s death.

Perez Hilton Among the bitchiest of goss sites and often involved in ‘interesting’ celeb baiting.

Gawker New York-based media alert and gossip blog network, with fingers in many pies.


With all of us now living more of our lives online, these sites just scratch the surface.

Netvibes Your to-do lists, news, weather and photos on one page.

Scribd Shares 35bn words online: they can’t all be wrong.

Slideshare Like YouTube for PowerPoint decks.

Zamzar Useful: converts files from one format to another.



Sites to see before heading for the latest blockbuster at your local multiplex.

IMDb The most authoritative site about all things film and TV, which is why Amazon bought it.

Rotten Tomatoes Collects online film reviews, aggregates a score out of 100 and rates the film “fresh” or “rotten”.

/Film Said to be the favourite film blog of directors Jason Reitman and Darren Aronofsky, /Film features news, reviews, interviews and a special UK update each Friday.

Cinematical Terrific film blog with a Hollywood focus.


A field where handheld, bedroom and Flash games are becoming mainstream

Eurogamer Reportage, with breadth, if not always depth.

The Independent Gaming Source  A great place to pick up on tomorrow’s breakthrough Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and PSN hits.

Pocket Gamer Still by far the best site on handheld gaming.

Gamasutra  Where professional games creators hang out, and sometimes get jobs

Geek squad

Here be programmers …

Stack Overflow Where programmers gather to try to solve their problems.

The Daily WTF Daily dispatches from the coding warzone.

Joel On Software Essays by a former Microsoftie, now head of Fog Creek Software.

Government/public services/politics

Recycle Now Winner after a slight false start of the government’sShow Us A Better Way competition. What can you recycle close by?

British and Irish Legal Information Institute A database of laws. Only survives hand-to-mouth on voluntary donations; where’s yours?

What Do They Know? Makes filing a Freedom Of Information request as easy as sending an email. Too easy, some in power think.

Upmystreet All the detail on your area you could ever want.

They Work For You A site set up by volunteers to keep tabs on our elected members of parliament – and our unelected peers.

Link economy


With millions of links on the web, we all need sites for sharing the best ones.

Digg Still the reigning champion of where the latest internet memes are though not always polite.

Delicious The thinking person’s link aggregation site. We use it.

Popurls Aggregating the aggregators: the web in a window.

Metafilter Living if isolated proof that a site can be successful without pictures or video, and can also host thoughtful conversations.

Slashdot Now looking venerable and old, but “News for nerds” site with a jokey name (/.) still attracts a big, and often knowledgable, audience.

Techmeme Technology news chosen by computer, though it’s now refined by human editors.

Location, location

Services like these blossom with a mobile phone that can access the internet.

Dopplr “Share your future travel plans with friends and colleagues”, then find out if others will be there too.

Qype Localised search for pubs, restaurants, etc; also a bit of a social network.

Loopt “Transforms your mobile phone into a social compass”.

Brightkite A “location-based social network”.


The flipside of location-based services: seeing where you are.

OpenStreetMap A rights-free map created by people like you. Remarkably detailed and precise.

Google Maps Street View Virtual tourism with practical applications, too.

Money/finance/consumer fightback

We all need someone on our side.

Money Saving Expert Does what it says on the tin.

Say No to 0870 Direct-dial numbers, not expensive national-rate ones.

Consumer Direct Government site for consumers.

Music British-made, now CBS-owned, music recommendation station.

Amazon Now has its own MP3 store in the UK as well as the US.

Hype Machine Picks up the latest news by tracking the music blogs.

Pitchfork The magazine of the music web, now with video, and lots of great lists.



The Onion Still the satirical newspaper of record. If it’s not in the Onion, it’s probably happened.

B3TA Beyond classification; its forum has spawned many memes … and more than its fair share of trolls.

Lolcats respite from stress with daft cCaptioned cats and other animals.

News Lite respite from stress with daft cGreat source of news that’s much too trivial to print.

Oddee Setting an internet standard for sets of curious and mildly amusing pictures, not cats.

PostSecret Notes of secrets sent by people who want them posted. So they are.

Passive-Aggressive Notes Would it be too much trouble for you to have a look?


Flickr The granddaddy of photo-sharing sites.

Picnik Photo editing in your browser.

Picasa Google’s photo organisation and editing tool.

DPreview The web’s best guide to cameras. Now Amazon owned.


CIA Factbook All the data you need on pretty much anywhere.

Wikipedia the gradually growing user-edited encyclopaedia is Still a first port of call on most topics.

Internet Archive/Wayback Machine The web in aspic. Useful for research into how the web used to look.

Metacritic Aggregates reviews of movies and DVDs, TV programmes, music and games

Wikileaks Anonymous source of a huge range ofleaked documents. If you dig, there’s something important there


Google dominates but Bing is challenging, and Yahoo and Microsoft are left in the dust.

Google So good it’s become almost synonymous with search.

Bing  Microsoft would like you to bing it, but its “decision engine” still has a long way to go.

Wolfram Alpha An “answer engine”that delivers when it has the data, but not that easy to use.

Social software

Two years ago it was nascent; now it’s embedded in our culture. Chances are high you’re a member of at least one, and perhaps all, of these sites.

Facebook Still changing and growing to become not just your home on the web, but your ID provider.

LinkedIn Contact sports for business users.

Ning One place to start your own social network – just as Madonna did – though it has yet to really take off.


Expedia Still the daddy when it comes to travel sites, and particularly good if you can bundle a flight with a hotel and other services.

TripAdvisor Essential reading for the user reviews of hotels, but it now covers much more.

Laterooms Specialises in hotel discounts.

Twitter, and associated


Twitter has proved itself over and over this year, from the Chinese earthquke to the Mumbai attacks to the Madoff fraud as a vector for news.

Twitter The ur-site, where you can create an identity (or several).

Twitter Creates your personal newspaper based on your friend’s tweets.

Twitterfeed Posts blog contents to Twitter.

TwitterCounter Graphs the growth in your followers.

Twitterfall Tracks trending topics; enables custom searches.

Listorious Twitter lists make it simple to follow large groups of Twitter users, and Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists.


YouTube Dominant provider of video content online.

Vimeo Better rights control than YouTube and a cleaner interface

BBC iPlayer The king of the online catchup services.

Hulu The networks fight back with their own video site, which may make the UK in 2010. We hope.

Videojug The motherlode of instructional videos, all in one place.

Virtual worlds

Second Life Continues to exist and is, apparently, still popular, but not the media darling it was.

Entropia Universe Set in a distant future on the untamed planet of Calypso.

Club Penguin Minigame-tastic virtual world for youngkids.

Moshi Monsters “Educational” virtual world for kids.

Visual arts

Saatchi Gallery Gallery, listings and artworks for sale.

Art Daily The first “art newspaper” on the net.

Culture 24 Everything about UK galleries and museums.


Information is Beautiful Creating effective infographics is one of today’s key skills, and on this site, it’s also an art. An archive of some of the finest examples of “information aesthetics”.

DabbleDB Create online databases and analyse them.

 Which essential sites have we missed? Tell us below

 This article was amended on Wednesday 9 December 2009. Picasa is no longer for Windows only; is no longer operational. These have been corrected.


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好烂啊有点差凑合看看还不错很精彩 (No Ratings Yet)


好烂啊有点差凑合看看还不错很精彩 (No Ratings Yet)






简单从学校生活说起。美国每年的两个长假期,一个是暑假,另外一个就是圣诞节时候的寒假。忙了一整年的大学教授们会选择这个时候出门度假,英文叫做On Vacation。一般在这个时候,如果有事情给教授或是导师发邮件的话,在假期内得到邮件回复的可能性基本为零。教授们或许会查看私人邮箱的信件,但是绝对不会去碰学校的公务邮箱,也许有的教授们通常还会在邮箱里添加一个自动回复的设置(On vacation email automatic reply),邮箱在收到邮件时会自动回复说本人现在正在度假中等等。往往越是的名牌教授,便越是如此。一旦进入工作状态,便兢兢业业,细心回答学生提出的疑难问题,一旦进入休假状态,便两耳不闻窗外事,公私分明的很,这就是美国的大学教授。












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  If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

如果一个人不知道他要驶向哪个码头,那么任何风都不会是顺风。—— 塞涅卡


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Do you want to know how to NOT win in life?

Do you want to know how to NOT win in life?

Do you want to know how to NOT win in life?

I was thinking about why some people remain unsuccessful.

Here are 3 common patterns I noticed:

1) They blame everything on others

For everything bad that happens in life, it’s always your fault. You need to OWN your failures, not pass the blame on others. On the other hand, for everything good, it’s your doing too! So embrace it.

2) They keep doing the same things

If you keep doing the things that you have been doing, you are going to get the results that you have been getting. If these results are not what you want, you NEED to change your approach and routines.

3) They are trapped in a “fixed mindset” mentality

People that do not grow personally, professionally and financially, very often are trapped in what is called “fixed mindset”. This is the misconception that we are born and die with a fixed and immutable personality that can’t improve by picking up new skills. Thus, these people remain static and eventually get outdated.

There you have it, three ways to not win in life. Do you want to kick ass instead?


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      【线路】上海出发黄山汽车三日游            人数:22            日期: 11月24-26日






第二天:早餐后车赴【黄山风景区】(游玩时间8小时左右),换乘景区交通到慈光阁,徒步或索道至玉屏景区,游迎客松,送客松,玉屏睡佛,远观天都峰,莲花峰,走幸福大道至百步云梯,上一线天,鳌鱼峰,天海。登光明顶,北海,梦笔生花,始信峰。观黑虎松,连理松,探海松,白鹅岭,后步行或索道下山。晚餐后逛新安江畔—【屯溪老街】(约1.5小时)。屯溪老街有“东方古罗马街”之美称,来这里仿佛置身于数百年前南宋时代,全长1273米古街,店铺鳞次栉比,商号林立,以徽州建筑风格闻名。自由漫步,品尝特色小吃,晚餐后入住酒店,自行沐浴温泉。                                                           宿:市区













  1. 黄⼭冬季气温最低到零下10度左右以下,需要毛裤/抓绒裤,抓绒衣服/厚毛衣,最好有羽绒服,不行的话,⼭上标准间都免费提供羽绒衣、棉⼤衣,最好穿排汗 内衣,没有的话要准备内衣换,防风帽⼦、手套也是必须的,手杖上⼭有帮助。⼀般来说,白天爬⼭的时候不会冷,停下来就冷,要注意保暖。







项目 标准 数量 单价 总价
用餐 第1天 中餐 22人 30 660
第1天 晚餐 22人 30 660
第3天 中餐 22人 30 660
住宿 第1天 中瑞花艺大酒店或同级 普标 (含双早)11.24 11间 230 2530
第2天 醉温泉度假酒店或同级 豪标 (含双早双温泉 11.25 11间 430 4730
门票 第1天 翡翠谷 22张 55 1210
第2天 黄山 22张 230 5060
第3天 宏村 22张 80 1760
交通 往返旅游巴士 33座 1辆 5400 5400
景区内用车 黄山景交 22人 38 836
索道 云谷寺缆车下山 云谷寺缆车下山 22人 80 1760
导游 当地中文导游 1人 600 600
其他 司导补贴 住宿+用餐 2 150 300
保险 个人旅游意外险 22人 15 330
总计价格 用餐1980+住宿7260+门票8030+交通6236+下山索道1760+导游600+司陪领队补贴300+保险330=26496元





好烂啊有点差凑合看看还不错很精彩 (No Ratings Yet)
好烂啊有点差凑合看看还不错很精彩 (No Ratings Yet)
var function = function() {}

var function = function() {}

JavaScript 中,定义函数时用 var foo = function () {} 和 function foo() 有什么区别?

var foo = function () {
function foo () {


最关键的区别在于 JavaScript 函数和变量声明的“提前”(hoist)行为。
the Google style guide 建议我们采用方法一。简单的说 如果我们使用 匿名函数
var FUNCTION_NAME = function() { /* FUNCTION_BODY */}; 

这种方式, 编译后变量声明FUNCTION_NAME 会“被提前”了,但是他的赋值(也就是FUNCTION_BODY)并不会被提前。


function FUNCTION_NAME () 
{ /* FUNCTION_BODY */}; 

这种方式, 编译后函数声明和他的赋值都会被提前。


function hereOrThere() { //function statement
  return 'here';

alert(hereOrThere()); // alerts 'there'

function hereOrThere() {
  return 'there';

我们会发现alert(hereOrThere) 语句执行时会alert(‘there’)!这里的行为其实非常出乎意料,主要原因是 JavaScript 函数声明的“提前”行为,简而言之,就是 Javascript允许我们在变量和函数被声明之前使用它们,而第二个定义覆盖了第一种定义。换句话说,上述代码编译之后相当于

function hereOrThere() { //function statement
  return 'here';

function hereOrThere() {//申明前置了,但因为这里的申明和赋值在一起,所以一起前置
  return 'there';

alert(hereOrThere()); // alerts 'there'

强烈推荐阅读下面文章, JavaScript 中对变量和函数声明的“提前(hoist)”


var hereOrThere = function() { // function expression
  return 'here';

alert(hereOrThere()); // alerts 'here'

hereOrThere = function() {
  return 'there';


var hereOrThere;//申明前置了

hereOrThere = function() { // function expression
  return 'here';

alert(hereOrThere()); // alerts 'here'

hereOrThere = function() {
  return 'there';

参考 Frequently Misunderstood JavaScript Concepts The Syntax for Defining a Function is Significant

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MongoDB Compass 图形界面管理工具初探

MongoDB Compass 图形界面管理工具初探


直到现在,如果您想知道您数据的结构,您都不得不在命令行使用MongoDB Shell进行查询来查看数据。 MongoDB Compass 将是一个更好的方式。

什么是MongoDB Compass?

MongoDB 3.2引入了MongoDB Compass-一个图形化工具,能够帮助您在不需要知道MongoDB查询语法的前提下,便利地分析和理解您的数据库模式,并且帮助您可视化地构建查询。

来源: MongoDB Compass 图形界面管理工具初探 – 推酷

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Outgoing port tester

Outgoing port tester

Outgoing port tester

This server listens on all TCP ports, allowing you to test any outbound TCP port.
You have reached this page on port 27017.
Your network allows you to use this port. (Assuming that your network is not doing advanced traffic filtering.)
Network service: unknown
Your outgoing IP:

Test a port using a command

$ telnet 27017
Trying …
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
$ nc -v 27017
Connection to 27017 port [tcp/daytime] succeeded!
$ curl
Port 27017 test successful!
Your IP:
$ wget -qO-
Port 27017 test successful!
Your IP:
# For Windows PowerShell users
PS C:\> Test-NetConnection -InformationLevel detailed -ComputerName -Port 27017
Test a port using your browser

In your browser address bar:

I got complains that portquiz is not working on port 445. My hosting company OVH is probably blocking this port. Sorry about that. Feel free to contact them. See my blog post and OVH forum post (french).

Your browser can block network ports normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. In this case you should use the telnet or netcat commands to test the port.

Please also note that this server uses some port for real services (22, 25), so testing with your browser on those ports will not work.



See also:
Blog post on this topic and How it works
Firebind, a commercial tester. javascript test
outPorts, a tiny program to test a range of ports using portquiz