Android Example Projects | Tek Eye

Android Example Projects | Tek Eye

Android Example Projects

The lists of Android sample projects in the tables below illustrate various Android programming techniques. All the projects have been tested in Android Studio. Studio is a freely available Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a package used for writing software, in this case Android Apps.

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All these Android example project tutorials come with the source code in a zip archive. These free Android samples are divided into general features, list handling (ListView) projects, and User Interface (UI) projects. The example source code is ready to run in Android Studio. Extract the sample App project and use Android Studio import. How? Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Extract the zip file contents to the required location (preserving directory structure). Studio does not move the project.
  2. Run Studio and use the Import project option on the Welcome screen. (To get to the Welcome screen close any open projects.)
  3. Select the top level build.gradle file in the project directory.
  4. Accept the sync Gradle message and wait for the IDE to finish configuring the project.
  5. When the Run icon (play button) on the toolbar goes green the example project is ready to use.

(Import instructions also appear in each zip archive in the file instructions.txt.)

Free Projects to Illustrate Android Programming Techniques

This list of Android example projects will expand as other Android tutorials and code examples are added to the site. A full list of all the Tek Eye Android articles can be found in the Index. A few of the Android examples were contributed to the O’Reilly Android Cookbook. The following tables contain:

  • A link to the tutorial article for each Android example project.
  • A link to a zip file containing the source code for the example project that can be extracted and then imported into Studio.
  • In the pipeline: A link to a compiled version of the example as a signed installable Android packages (.apk file). Ready for executing immediately on an Android device or emulator.

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